Getting Started Angular

Angular is started as project under google but now it open source Java script framework where any one can contribute and developer can use it in there own application.

AngularJS framwork becomes famous by its features like

  • Dynamic data binding
  • Developing a application on single page without refreshing a page
  • Follow MVC architecture at client end.

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Initialize Angular

To get started with AngularJs there are two basic requirements.

1) Require to include Angular.js

Download the latest version on Angularjs from currently latest version is 1.4.7 and include using script tag. Angularjs is the only file responsible for core angular feature. It doesn’t have dependency on other libraries.
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First Program in Angular

In the below example we have follow major two steps which we learnt from previous chapter of Initialize AngularJS.Include the “AngularJS” here we have included the angular source which is hosted on other server and added ng-app directive with body tagsome developer like to add this directive in. AngularJS only take control of section of DOM on which the directive applies.In this case AngularJS take the control of whatever written in body tag. Continue reading…

Binary Search function PHP

There are many algorithm to find a item from a ordered list of array binary search is one of them.In this algorithm we divide the array in two parts from middle if the target value is less than or equal to the middle value then search will perform in upper array else it search will perform in lower array.This process of dividing the array will continue untill the search value not found.

Here is a demo code for same :
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Angular Conroller Basics

Like ng-app , ng-controller is also a directive and job of a controller is to control the information we need to put on the page and in editing scenario to save the information the user use typing on the page.

Defining Angular Controller in HTML

<div ng-app>

<div ng-controller="FirstCtrl">



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